Thursday, August 03, 2006

1: The Creation

Owing to the lack of reliable witnesses at the dawn of time (with the possible exception of Adam, and he's dead) we are forced to fall back on conjecture. Put simply, views on the creation tend to fall into two main camps: The 'scientific' ideas, which currently state that it all popped into existence from absolutely nothing around 20 billion years ago, and the 'religious' ones, which state that God did it all about 6000 years ago - a much more comprehensible timescale and therefore, obviously, far more appealing.
There are problems with the idea, of course, but they're easily dismissed if we want to:
For instance: If God made the universe, who made God?
Answer: God is eternal and divine and therefore immune from such impertinent questioning. Just think yourself grateful he did it. If he wanted us to know he'd have put it in at least one edition of the Bible (which makes me wonder if he's one of those people who just don't like to talk about their embarrassing parents).
Anyway, if he wants to pop into existence from nothing, he's perfectly entitled, being God and all. The universe, by comparison, couldn't possibly do anything so wondrous because it's mainly composed of mundane stuff like rocks and inert gases and badgers, and they don't do cool stuff like that.
Also, scientists would have us believe in complicated, counter-intuitive stuff like carbon dating, cores from the Greenland ice sheet, and the geological laying-down of layers of rock over aeons of time... however they also like to say that the simplest explanation is the most likely, and the simple explanation for all this stuff is that the devil put it there to confuse us, so they've rather shot themselves in the foot there I think.

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